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Trinity Southwest University

Veritas International University

Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project:

Season Fourteen
27 January through 28 February 2019 

(actual dig days)

The Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project (TeHEP) is one of the most important archaeological excavations in the Holy Land. The are many reasons for this, but here are some great ones: We're unearthing the largest Bronze Age site in the region, likely the site of biblical Sodom itself; the weather is perfect for excavating, not too hot, not too cold; the training, experience, and fieldtrips are fantastic! That's why so many of our participants are repeats from previous seasons.

Located just northeast of the Dead Sea at about 500 ft. below sea level, Tall el-Hammam is ideal for digging during the winter months, with daytime temperatures ranging from 55 to 80 degrees F. And the air is cleaner and clearer during this time than any other time of the year. ​

Three Easy Steps


Participate in Season Fourteen by following these three easy steps: (1) pay your participant fee at, or contact Glenda Austin in the TSU administrative office ( or by phone at 505-332-4253, and fill out the application provided by Glenda; (2) you'll take care of your own air/travel arrangements in coordination with Season Fourteen requirements (below) and instructions from Glenda and; (3) you'll pay half of your hotel bill when you check in, and the balance when you check out at the end of your dig experience. Please be aware that you cannot book into the TeHEP headquarters hotel by any other means. This must be done through Glenda in the TSU Administrative Office. TeHEP team members must stay at our headquarter hotel (we cannot make exceptions). 

These are the requirements for individuals who wish to participate: 

1. Register and pay your participation fee online at the TSU Online Store at, or use the contact information provided above. Fill out and return the application and security forms provided by Glenda. After you've taken this step, Glenda will contact you and provide further details. Make sure you provide all the requested contact information. The per-person participant fee is:

  • $650 for volunteers, $550.00 for students* and TeHEP Alumni until May 1
  • $750.00 for volunteers, $650 for students* and TeHEP Alumni May 2 to July 1
  • $850 for volunteers, $750.00 for students* and TeHEP Alumni July 2 to September 1
  • No sign-ups after September 1.

*Student: any undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student actively enrolled in an educational program directly related to or involving archaeology.

2. You must be in reasonably good physical condition. This is for your own protection. Working on an archaeological excavation can be physically demanding. While we always try to match dig responsibilities to the physical abilities of individuals, there is always considerable walking over rough terrain. You don’t have to be "young" to enjoy the dig experience of a lifetime. But you must be able to handle the work and the difficult landscape.

3. You must be a team player. People with their own agendas, or who are inclined to "do their own thing" to the exclusion of others, are usually more trouble than they’re worth to the Project. We need people who are courteous, helpful, thoughtful of others, and conscientious about being at the right place at the time with the right stuff. 

4. You must carry your own travel and medical insurance. Many credit cards offer travel medical insurance plans that are comprehensive and inexpensive. There are medical facilities throughout Amman, the location of our headquarters, but you must have your own insurance should a medical problem arise. 

5. 100% of cancellation fees are generally covered by travel insurance programs provided the premium has been paid and the reason for cancellation is insurable. Those who do not take out travel insurance should be aware of the following cancellation penalties for the down payment: from the time of registration a $250 non-refundable administration fee applies. Thereafter, the following refunds apply beyond the administration fee: 120 days or more prior to the excavation start date 75% of the down payment balance is refundable; from 60-119 days prior to the excavation start date 50% of the down payment balance is refundable. There is no refund for cancellations 0-59 days prior to the excavation start date (27 January 2018). Please submit your cancellation in writing.  

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For more information on the dig schedule, or the schedule of weekend tours click the link below.

If you have questions, please contact Glenda Austin in the TSU Administration Center, 505-332-4253, or email her at  

We hope to see you at Tall el-Hammam this coming season!