The Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project



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Why should I be involved? Is it really that important?

 The biblical record is under attack. Dr. Collins and the TeHEP team are dedicated to presenting the impressive story that backs up what the Bible teaches. Higher Critical Theory (HCT) has become a dominant school of thought as it denies the Old Testament. Imagine, many scholars are determined to indoctrinate students that King David, Solomon and the Temple never existed! HCT teaches that “Moses didn’t write down the Torah, and that most-or-all of the Old Testament characters and events, including Moses, likely didn’t exist at all but were merely fictions  invented as propaganda for the purpose of advancing the religious and political agendas of Jewish writers, mainly between the 7th and 5th centuries BC.” When we are able to definitively connect Tall el-Hammam to biblical Sodom the impact will be significant and we’d like you to share the journey with us. 

Inner Circle

What is the Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a monthly donation program designed to allow you to be a part of helping Dr. Collins complete his work of over fifteen years in uncovering biblical Sodom.

Here's what you will receive

 ● Exclusive quarterly updates from Dr. Collins sharing special content 

●  Invitation-only private gatherings at TSUMA, Husted Hall, and other  venues (these events will be virtual/live-streamed for those out of  town)

● Invitations to private lectures featuring world-renowned experts 

● Special reveal parties including TeHEP finds, Biblical Research Bulletin journal publications, and other breaking news

● Invitations to exclusive receptions around the country

● Complimentary swag including bookmarks, timelines, eBooks, and more

● 50% discount on books from TSU Press

● 10% discount on TeHEP participation fees

● 5% discount on BLE tours 

Here's how it works

It’s  rather simple. Inner Circle Partners commit to a recurring donation every month. Recurring donations allow us to maintain a monthly budget  and improve our strategic planning with a predictable revenue flow. 

For a limited time

And for a limited time, we’d like to extend a special offer. If you become an Inner Circle Partner by May 31st we’ll send you a copy of The Harvest Handbook of the Bible Lands signed by Dr. Steven Collins. It’s our gift to you for partnering with us. We appreciate your  continued loyalty to the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project.  


$50.00 or more a month


$75.00 or more a month


$100.00 or more a month